Gambling problems: Follow the Doctor’s advice

Gambling can be very attractive, but also can revert terrible consequences. At Doctor Gambling we aid to help those players to either enjoy in a safe way, or to get rid of an habit which may endanger their lives.

Why is gambling so attractive?

Worldwide players feel very attracted to gambling because of various reasons:

Easy money through gambling

Gambling gives an unreal sensation that making money is easy. Casinos, and gambling sites, will show how easy is to make quick money, and with it achieve a satisfactory status. But will not show the terrible consequences that an addiction to Gambling could generate.

Gambling adrenaline

When achieving victory, no matter if we are talking about a sports event win, a professional success, or winning a hand when winning at the Casino, playing Online Poker, or watching your favourite sports betting. Your adrenaline boosts up. And generates a satisfaction feeling. However when gambling this feeling could cover even bigger losses.

What are the most common problems of gambling?

While there is people that enjoys gambling as a hobby. There is a minority which life has been severely affected because of it. We analyze the most common factors:

Loose perception of money value

While gambling, players end up loosing the perception of the money, while it took them several hours of hard work to achieve an amount, they forget that they can loose the same amount really fast, against all odds, trying to win the cash in a quicker way.

Chasing losses when gambling

One of the most common issues when gambling, is that after a bad movement, or an unlucky strike, players try to recover fast the amount lost by increasing the risk. While this strategy may have sometimes happy endings. It could also end up generating even bigger losses, even sometimes far beyond the initial amount the gambler was expecting to spend. This generates a spiral in which the player may loose everything he has trying to recover his initial affordable expense.

Gambling may interfere with personal and professional life

IT has been spotted frequently, that people having problems with gambling beyond what they can afford, end up, unable to accept their situation, in a spiral of lies, or mistakes due to not focusing on their personal or professional lives, but on how to recover from their current losses without admitting the problem.

How to avoid having gambling problems?

First of all, we’ve prepared a list of advices for people who wants to enjoy a responsible gambling, which we recommend to read before playing.

Second it’s very important that at the first sign of having an issue, we contact any local or national agency which can help you. At Doctor Gambling we are willing to help any player who thinks requires some advise, in a discreet way.

However there are also bigger entities on National level like or which can help any player willing overcome from a bad gaming habit.

But first of all… Everything start with you player, ensuring you know the risks of gambling.